Metro Vancouver Kink (MVK)

In MVK by Damien Storm

A Brief History

MVK has undergone many different incarnations since its birth in 2007.  First created out of need for kinky parties, social and educational resources for alternative sexuality, MVK, then called BIO, was founded by Reive Doig and Jennifer S along with a few helpful volunteers. BIO events were originally held in an old theater in Vancouver’s Chinatown.

As time went by, BIO outgrew its humble beginnings and became Metro Vancouver Kink. Since then, MVK has expanded to include a monthly play party (“Vancouver Dungeon Party”), several monthly workshops, munches, and a hugely popular 3-day kink conference called Westcoast Bound.

Over the years, MVK has experimented with a number of different concepts and hosted Dangerous Liaisons (a sex on premise event), Slick (a bathhouse event) and Rainbow Connections (a queer play party). Some of these events are ongoing, other, on the back burner for now. MVK also co-hosts the dungeon space at the Taboo Naughty But Nice Sex Show each year with Sin City and Rascals.

MVK has one of the largest play areas in town! Every month the MVK Dungeon Parties brings together dungeon furniture such as St. Andrew’s Crosses, spanking benches, medical tables, and a world-famous suspension frame capable of hosting 9 simultaneous suspensions. Members of the Vancouver DM Team facilitate the dungeon floor, ensuring all party goers have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Players needing a quiet space to rest and recover after a scene will find the MVK After Care Room a perfect hideaway from the bustle of the dungeon floor.


Membership has its naughty privileges…