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Frozen Meursault Intensive

May 11 @ 6:30 pm - May 12 @ 5:30 pm

Frozen Meursault is coming to Vancouver for a hot hot series of classes!

Frozen Meursault is a paramedic and educator by day, dominant sadist and educator by night. His classes are informed by and heavily based on his emergency medicine experience and his successes and failures in kink. Frozen Meursault has presented nationally at DO: Winter Fire, DO: Fusion, DO: Surrender, Paradise Unbound, Bound in Boston, The Floating World, The Geeky Kink Event, and TES Fest and for a number of regional groups such as the TES, Black Rose Society, Rochester Kink Society, Syracuse D/s Society, Kingston Ontario Kinksters, The Kraken’s Lair, and The Center in Montreal. He routinely travels throughout the North Eastern United States and Eastern Canada to present, but is available for engagements elsewhere as well. He has taken his love of teaching in to other circles through his corporate training business.
Connect with Frozen Meursault through FrozenMeursault.com, on Twitter via @FrozenMeursault, or through e-mail via FM@FrozenMeursault.com. Comments, questions, concerns, criticisms, and apple rhubarb pie recipes are always welcome.

Tickets can be purchased in advance (see links below) or at MVK’s April Dungeon Party.

Prices are:
– $75 for all four classes
– $50 for all three Saturday classes
– $25 per class individually

Click here to purchase your tickets online

Detailed class descriptions:

Friday May 11th – Seymour Room, Atrium Hotel

6:30pm – 9pm

Blood and Air: Breath Play Deconstructed

Little in kink is as divisive as breath play. In this class we’ll separate the various topics under the “breath play” umbrella, applying research and knowledge from a number of source, and we’ll discuss actual risks and common misconceptions. We’ll explore the mechanics of blood restriction to the brain, and the broader implications of using re-breathers, smothering, hyperventilation, etc to effect gas exchange within the body.

Far from discouraging breath play, this class seeks to encourage risk aware participation and promote safe practices.

Saturday May 12th Seymour Room, Atrium Hotel

10am – Noon

Rough Body Play – Above the Shoulders

This class will cover simple things to do above the shoulders to produce strong and potentially painful sensations with your hands or the most minimal of equipment. Slapping, punching, pressure points, and some focused bondage will be covered.

1pm – 3pm

Aftercare and Negotiation for Rough Body Play

Rough Body play covers a LOT of ground. So how do you get what you want from a rough body play scene? How do you make sure you get what you need afterwards? How do you make sure you and your partner have the same understanding? This class is geared towards building a shared mental model to help you get what you desire out of play while ensuring all involved feel comfortable with what happens. We’ll take a very practical approach, focused on rough body play, to allow tops and bottoms to enhance their negotiation and aftercare abilities.

3:30pm – 5:30pm

Impact and Boot Play & Sadistic Connective Rope

One of the joys of rough body play is being able to layer it with other forms of play. This class looks at simple ways to add an implement (in your hands or on your feet) to a rough body play scene. Then we’ll move into using a single ~30’ foot length of rope to add additional sensations or pain to a rough body play scene. Beyond the pain the rope can alter how your control and move your partner. This will focus on the intent and broad methods rather than a specific tie or knot.


May 11 @ 6:30 pm
May 12 @ 5:30 pm


The Atrium Inn (Seymour Room)
2889 East Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC
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