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WB Poster 2017-edited

I'd like to mention here that we never know what effect we may have out in the general population through our deliberate or inadvertent presentation or representation of the BDSM Community. Ripples happen. Ripples are a thing.
On Saturday I happened into conversation with the Co-Owner of WomynsWare (a lovely small sex toy and etc shop at Commercial is and Venables). She is delightfully sex positive, and kink positive and they do have a small inventory of kink items, leather cuffs,a few crops, etc.
It turns out she and the Co- Owner went to MVK's Victoria event last year and we're in essence a bit awestruck. They found the MVK community to be friendly, welcoming, and we're delighted with this, their first personal attendance at a BDSM event. They regaled me with their appreciation of Daddy Crones Long Whip skills and general awesomeness (their description) but so shared how as purveyors of kink resources and books they sometimes had their own or customer's questions to enable them to better serve the community.
It turns out that they turn to Sara Blaze, MVK President "with any questions we have....because while there is so .such information out there...how do we know which information we can trust?"
So Sara Blaze, my thanks for being a kind, patient and compassionate resource for the BDSM community.
Ripples. In BDSM and in life we often may not know how far our influence and effect may be in our choices as we move around in the world.
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